Rototo Silk Cotton Grey Socks with Blue Cuff Made in Japan

Double Face Crew Socks - Silk and Cotton - Grey with Blue Cuff

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Luxury Japanese socks by Rototo, now available in Australia.

This two layered sock is created using a rare, specialist knitting machine that allows for two different yarns;  one on the outside and another one inside of the sock.

This sock is rich in silk, the undyed silk is knitted into the pile of the inside of the sock., so the softest side will always touch your skin.

Silk is made of a protein similar to human skin creating a soft and gentle feel to the sock. These are great at keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Origin: Made in Japan


48% Silk
38% Cotton 
9% Polyester
4% Nylon
1% Polyurethane

Garment Care: Hand or machine wash, 40 Celsius maximum./ Do not bleach/ Do not tumble dry/Do not iron/ Hang in shade

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