About Us

Gelau was born from the love of buying beautiful things along with a desire to change the world with the way we shop.

We bring you premium accessories of the highest quality that will not only stand the test of time but that are made with an emphasis on craftsmanship and provenance. We are committed to improving the world we live in by offering products that will be of use and value to you, sourced in an ethical and transparent way.

At Gelau, we believe that through our actions as consumers, we can have a positive impact in our world, not only by reducing our impact on the environment but also by improving the lives of the people involved in our products' supply chain.

We love shopping and we don't want it to go away!  We firmly believe that a change towards a more sustainable lifestyle starts with conscious consumer choices. According to WRAP UK " extending the life of clothes by just nine extra months of active use would reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by around 20-30% each"*.

We proudly follow a slow and responsible sourcing model with an emphasis on provenance. 

Gelau doesn't follow traditional fashion seasons or gender roles, we believe in our products' relevance throughout the whole year and that whoever likes them, should wear them.

We believe the way our products are made, what they are made of, where come from and who made them matter.


We love natural fibers, not only are they better for your skin but they are biodegradable. You'll see a lot of our products are mainly made out of cotton, organic cotton and wool. We also source products from recycled natural and synthetic fibers. We are working with our partners to improve the transparency and traceability of the materials used in our Supply Chain.


All our products are free from forced labour. Our products are not made in China, and it's got nothing to do with manufacturing quality, but it is a conscious choice related to human right abuses and lack of transparency.

We source products either from first world countries with strict labour laws such as Australia, Scotland and Japan, or from developing countries like Mexico, but ensuring they are made in an ethical way, and that the people who made them receive a fair wage.

Many of our brands in Mexico work closely with their collaborators to preserve traditional crafting techniques among indigenous artisan communities. We love the way they have combined traditional craftsmanship with modern design.


* WRAP UK, 2015- http://www.wrap.org.uk/content/extending-life-clothes


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