From the production area of ​​Japanese paper (washi) with a history of 1000 years: Ichikawadaimon, the land of Kai.

Blessed with noble peaks and clean water, this village has been known as a production center for Japanese paper since the Heian period.  

The history of the Japanese paper maker, Dainao, has been in line with the history of the paper industry at Ichikawadaimon. In recent years, we have incorporated new technologies into tradition to develop paper that can be used for interiors and miscellaneous goods. 

"Naoron" is a Japanese paper that has durability while maintaining the excellent characteristics of Japanese paper. We created a product using the new Japanese paper developed by Dainao with Naoto Fukasawa, an industrial designer from Yamanashi prefecture. That is the product of this "SIWA | Kiwa".