Our Brands

We have partnered with both upcoming labels and brands with a rich heritage.

All of them aim to elevate their customers' lives by offering beautiful products that balance style, quality and craftsmanship. They all incorporate different elements of sustainability, may it be the use of recycled materials, using natural fibers, partnering with NGOs, or ensuring fair wages for their workers, all brands are working towards improving our world, little by little.

We proudly follow a slow and responsible sourcing model with an emphasis on provenance.

All our brands manufacture their products either in first world countries with highly regulated labour laws,like Australia and Japan. Or in developing countries like Mexico, but ensuring workers receive a more than fair wage and working conditions. All brands are free from forced labour.

All orders are packed using sustainable and compostable packaging. We are proudly part of NoIssue's Eco-Packaging Alliance, which plants a tree for every order we make to them.