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Sock Size Guide

All our socks are unisex and our sizing is stated in centimeters. We provide approximate measures as most of our socks will stretch a little to fit.

The critical consideration when buying socks is to get the correct foot length. Sock lengths are usually given by reference to shoe size, but to get a more accurate measure, we recommend you stand on a ruler, or use a measuring tape, and measure the longest part of your foot in centimeters.

Please send us an email to if you have further questions :) we'd love to help you find the perfect socks for you!


Humphrey Law Size Guide

Unisex Socks

 Size Foot Length in cm Shoe Size
 Small (S) 22-26 Ladies 3- 8, Men's 4½ - 7, Euro 35 - 41
 Medium (M) 25-29 Ladies 8 – 11, Men’s 7 - 10, Euro 40 - 45
 Large (L) 30-35 Men’s 10 – 13,Euro 46 - 51
 Extra Large (XL) 36-39 Men’s 13 - 16


 Japanese Socks Size Guide

japanese socks size guide


Andrea Velasco Size Guide

HUIPILES (SQUARED SHAPE TOPS AND DRESSES):  Extra Small size 49 cm / 19.5  inch width.  Small size 52 cm /20.5 inch width.  Medium size 55 cm / 21.5 inch width.  Large size 58 cm / 22.5 inch width.  Extra Large size 61 cm / 24 inch width. 

For huipiles we recommend that you measure your total bust circumference (for blouses) or hips (for dresses), then divide the measurement by 2 and the result should be 1, 2 or 3 cm less than that indicated in the size.  The measurements of the real pieces may vary up to +/- 1 cm (half inch) considering the weaving technique is inaccurate due to its manual nature.