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Eat Up Lunchbox

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This well designed (if bossy) lunch box advises you to 'eat up' at 12.00.  It features a very generous capacity of 800 ml, so you'll need a while to get through the contents.

Manufactured in Japan by the makers of our 'cheerful' range, these lids have the most reliable anti-leak seal we've found, and straight, square sides which make it easy to chase down every last forkful of lunch. There's a loose, removable dividing tray inside.

Colour: khaki

length 19cm
width 12cm
height 5cm

Care Instructions :
Wash in warm water before first use. Microwave and dishwasher safe.
Cold resistant to -20 degrees / heat resistant to 140 degrees.
Microwave guidelines : 60 seconds at 500-600 w / 30 seconds at 700-1000w

Origin: Made in Japan