Gelau Johnstons of Elgin Cashmere Scarf Navy Beige Reversible Made in Scotland
EveryYarn Reversible Cashmere Scarf | Navy & Beige
Reversible Scarf 100% Cashmere Gelau Johnstons of Elgin Australia
Johnstons of Elgin

EveryYarn Reversible Cashmere Scarf | Navy & Beige

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Extra soft, reversible cashmere scarf, made to last in Scotland by Johnstons of Elgin. 

Part of the sustainable EveryYarn range, this limited-edition product is made using excess yarn. Wherever possible Johnstons of Elgin give surplus fibres new life, weaving small batches of accessories to ensure very little goes to waste.
Sustainable, Luxurious Creations at an Affordable Price


Dimensions: 160 cm x 30 cm

Origin: Made in Elgin, Scotland.

Composition: 100% Cashmere

Garment Care: Dry clean only. The inherent antibacterial properties of Cashmere fibres mean they only require occasional cleaning. Gently spot clean any marks or stains.
Shake and hang Cashmere scarves, stoles and throws to remove dust particles.
Air dry damp or spot-cleaned woven Cashmere products to maintain their shape.

More about EveryYarn

The yarn used to make EveryYarn products, while surplus to current requirement, is from the brand's standard production, these products reflect the incredibly high quality that is synonymous with Johnstons of Elgin. The same fine sustainable cashmere fibres, exceptionally soft Merino wool and smooth, cosy lambswool, used to make our primary collections are used in the EveryYarn range.

Due to the unique nature of products in our EveryYarn range, there is a finite availability of product, design, pattern and colour. This ensures these products have an exclusivity which might not be found within regular stock collections.

Much of the brand's cashmere comes from Mongolia, where the sprawling grasslands face destruction by overgrazing and global warming. As part of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA), Johnstons of Elgin work closely with Mongolian Cashmere goat-herders to address these environmental issues in the spirit of their own culture and traditions.