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Hike Your Own Hike H.Y.O.H. Carabiner Mid Socks - White with Stripes

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Offering only the best quality for professional trail running, these are the ultimate hiking socks that will elevate your outdoor experience.

This hiking sock is your ideal travel partner when on the trail. A pile knitted sole, the resistance of nylon with merino wool yarn, and mid-length make for an incredibly practical sock. Using the techniques first developed for the HIKER TRASH sock, this is built for long fun hikes.

More than enough for any long trail run, these white socks with red and blue stripes have been perfected by combining artisan knitting know-how and real-life hiking experience.

Each sock comes with RoToTo’s original carabiner and a carabiner hole for line-drying. Making it the perfect gift for any mountaineering enthusiasts.

Origin: Made in Japan


79% Merino Wool
13% Polyester
  5% Nylon 
  3% Polyurethane

Garment Care: Hand or machine wash, 30 Celsius maximum./ Do not bleach/ Do not tumble dry/Do not iron/ Hang in shade

We recommend washing them inside out, in a delicate garment bag. Remove carabiner before washing them.

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