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SIWA Folding Square Bag - Brown

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SIWA's bags and bag products are made of washi, a.k.a. Japanese paper, which maximizes the characteristics of the material called Naoron.

This reusable square bag in brown can be folded and carried flat. It can be opened and used immediately. Ideal as a sustainable shopping bag, as a lunch bag or as a sub-bag for everyday use.

A great trait of this "folding square bag" is that it is equipped with a handle with a width of 2.5 cm. This handle, which is supple and easy to fit in your hand, is made of the same material used in safety belts. It also comes with a rubber band so you can safely fold it and store it.

The washi material is soft to the touch, durable, and resistant to water. That is the feature of all SIWA bags made of new Japanese paper: Naoron. It is a bag that can be useful in your daily life, with a load capacity of 10 kilograms and a heavy load that can be carried firmly even in the rain. Scroll down to read how to preserve its life.

Origin: Made in Japan


Hard Naoron

  • Size: H 21cm * W 24cm * D 21cm
  • When folded: H 11.5cm W 24cm (thickness 1-4 cm)
  • Weight: 76 grams
  • Rubber band for secure folding
  • 2.5 cm carry handle

Care Instructions
Gently wipe with a soft, damp cloth. You can use mild detergent and cold water. Please note mild discoloration is to be expected over time.

After washing, do not squeeze it, but dry it as it is, or put it on top of a towel etc. to remove moisture and then let it air dry. Do not use an iron or dryer. Avoid hot or sharp surfaces. Do not store wet objects inside the bag for extended periods of time.