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Washi Japanese Paper Reusable Face Mask in Black

Washi Japanese Paper Reusable Face Mask in Black

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We bring you quite an original face mask, because it's made out of washable, breathable paper.

SIWA's products are made of a special in-house Japanese paper (washi), called Naoron. Naoron is known for its suppleness, durability and water resistance, it is made of a mix of wood pulp, recycled polyester fibers and polyolefin.

This unisex model comes in two sizes, please choose your size carefully. You can contact us if you are unsure about the size. How does this paper (soft naoron) face mask compare to a classic polyurethane face mask?

Scroll down to find out! You can also read and watch a video on how to wash this unique face mask. We also sell a matching carry case.

Origin: Made in Japan


Main body is made of soft naoron (paper) and ear loops are made of nylon.
Comes with one reusable filter.

M: H135 x W78mm
L : H157 x W89mm

Garment Care: Gently hand wash, do not use washing machine. You can use mild detergent and cold water. Please note mild discoloration is to be expected over time.

After washing, do not squeeze it, but dry it as it is, or put it on top of a towel etc. to remove moisture and then let it air dry. Do not use an iron or dryer. Avoid hot or sharp surfaces. Do not store wet objects inside the bag for extended periods of time.

Designed for non-medical purposes only. Not intended to replace any medical equipment or PPE. Not intended for children.


Naoron Polyurethane Comparison