Japanese Washi Short Socks Gelau

Washi Pile Short Socks - Black

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These Washi pile short socks utilise a manila hemp yarn, a natural material that is both light and sturdy with excellent water absorption and moisture releasing properties.

Washi itself is often used to create paper and by using it in the making of the sock, they give it a crisp refreshing feel. The craftsmanship used to create the pile knit for this sock is something to admire, Rototo have used a special knitting machine for the creation of this sock.

Origin: Made in Japan


40% Cotton
40% Washi - (Japanese Paper Yarn)
18% Nylon
  2% Polyurethane

Garment Care: Hand or machine wash, 40 Celsius maximum./ Do not bleach/ Do not tumble dry/Do not iron/ Hang in shade

Gelau Sock Size Chart