Female Empowerment Networks and Fashion

We love fashion, we see it as a great way to express how we feel and connect with the world, and we love to see how it constantly evolves.

We acknowledge the impact the industry has over our environment our communities and the sometimes unrealistic beauty standards it conveys. But we also believe it is heading in the right direction thanks to some interesting players who are also aware of the need to change this..

Fashion can be a force for good and it can actually improve the lives of people within its supply chain. This is why we have partnered with Andrea Velasco.

We love the brand's colorful designs and how they incorporate traditional weaving techniques in their manufacturing process, but more importantly, that they work in a sustainable way with communities of female artisans in Mexico.

The brand's collections are inspired by different elements of nature, such as sounds, colours and textures. The final product we see is the result of a collaborative process that showcases an intimate relationship between the artisans, nature and the yarns they utilize.

Andrea Velasco is all about female empowerment, fair trade and passion for creativity. The brand is the brainchild of Mexican designer Andrea Velasco, who works closely with NGO Impacto and together they ensure all of the brand's collaborators are paid a fair wage while create gorgeous pieces at their own pace. 


Impacto is a NGO that helps vulnerable communities of indigenous people in Mexico thrive through several training and social entrepreneurship programs. Inspired by the Mayan concept of Lekil Kuxlejal, which means to live in harmony with onself, our community and Mother Earth, this organization has created a platform for fair trade, partnering creativity with sustainability.

After eight years of hard work, Impacto have helped over 5000 female artisans and their families, little by little they are succeeding at reducing gender and economic inequality within the communities where they operate.

 You can learn more about the collaboration between Impacto, artisan communities, and Andrea Velasco by playing this video:

Impacto_Andrea Velasco_Cosmos_english mb from Andrea Velasco on Vimeo.


If you wish to donate to Impacto you can do so through this link http://impacto.org.mx/donar/ 


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