Vintage Kimonos Gain a Second Life as Face Masks

I Was a Kimono is based on the Japanese concept of Mottainai, an old Buddhist word that has ties to the Shinto. Mottainai expresses a polite sense of regret in wasting what is beautiful, that which is worth keeping. 

This brand gives another change to gorgeous old kimonos that can no longer be worn, masterfully rafting them into new objects such as face masks and accessories. A great way to support circular fashion!

Vintage Kimono Face Masks

 Founded by an Italian woman living in Japan, these unique face masks are slowly made by hand in a Tokyo family atelier. About 20 masks can be produced from an old kimono. The process to clean and prepare the vintage silk is exhaustive and ensures the highest quality all the way through.

Each mask is unique because of the configuration of the kimono pattern. Each piece is made by hand and all masks feature a 100% cotton inner layer with a filter pocket. 

The brand also produces 100% cotton maks, with cute prints inspired by modern life in Tokyo and also traditional yukata patterns. The masks are comfortable to be worn all day long and are highly breathable. 

Have you started your collection yet?

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