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Offering an artisan approach to sock making, Ayamé Socks shareshowcase their signature basket lunch pattern sock, dressed in a classic blue and white combination. This brand has been around since 2007 and has done some interesting and fun collaborations with other fashion brands.
We fell in love with the upbeat blue and white design of these socks.  This pair offers a thin, cotton and nylon blend with reinforced toe and heel.
The multidimensional texture is achieved thanks to a 2-knit process that requires artisans to manually direct the knitting machines into executing these intricate patterns.
Material:  80% Cotton / 20% Polyester
This yarn mix is highly breathable, while they don't provide any cushioning, they are perfect to keep your feet fresh at work.

ayame socks
Durability: Great overall quality, no pilling at all! The printed branding did fade after a couple of washing cycles which is to be expected. The shape has been retained perfectly and there aren't any loose threads.
Ayame sock review
Versatility:  This is a great sock to wear with an every day suit, perfect for the office. The firm grip of the cuff will ensure the socks stay up, the detail of the pattern will bring a nice energetic element to any professional outfit.


The verdict: 


This pair is a great addition to any sock collection, the fun pattern makes it a great wardrobe highlight and it can easily elevate any corporate outfit. The simple yet reliable material composition will not disappoint.


We hope you enjoyed our review.

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