Sock Reviews: RoToTo Silk & Cotton Classic Crew Socks

As you can imagine, we are very picky with socks.

It is hard to find versatile socks that can be easily worn in a plethora of situations and that tick many boxes in terms of comfort, materials, construction, durability, looks and of course, quality.

Gelau Silk Noil Organic Cotton Socks by Rototo


This is what have found in the Classic Crew Socks in Silk Noil and Organic Cotton. Made in Nara, Japan.

The brand describes this very particular silk as follows:

Silk-noil is also called ecology silk and refers to the short fibres that are left over after combing and spinning the long silk threads from the silk worm cocoons used in ordinary silk. The fabric has excellent moisture release and absorption, as well as comfort due to the protein of the silk. It can be worn for a long time with comfort by adding extra cushion on the sole in pile texture.

The actual nature of silk noil is luxurious against your skin, yet resistant. When combined with the organic cotton it creates a breathable yarn that successfully regulates temperature.

The inside of the cuff has ROTOTO and Made in Japan knitted on it, which just reflects the outstanding craftsmanship the brand is known for. These little details are known only to the wearer, which we think makes these socks even more special.

Sock Detail Made in Japan

The calf length of the socks is great for all seasons, the sock will stay up without a constraining grip. What we love most about the socks is the reinforced sole, heel and toe band, pile knit is always great to add that extra layer of comfort that allows you to be on your feet for long periods of time. These socks are great if you have to walk or stand a lot, but even if you just want to treat your feet while chilling at home, they are also a great choice. They can be worn with boots, work boots, sneakers or leather shoes.

Over time, you will notice the silk noil yarn and cotton will slightly pill, we personally choose not to get rid of the pilling so as not to damage the socks. But you will notice it doesn't build up over time like wool pilling does, it actually enhance the appearance of the sock.

This model features a coloured stripe on the calf, the tones of the stripes change with each RoToTo release. Overall this is one of our favorite sock models, ever, and we think it's a great must have in your sock collection.


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