Natural Materials: Merino Wool

Continuing with our Natural Materials series, this time we want to talk about wool, specifically Merino wool and why we love it. 

There is a lot of high quality literature out there about the amazing properties of wool as a fiber, we acknowledge we are no experts on the matter, which is why we've put a summary together of wool's remarkable characteristics.

To many people, wool is a thick, warm and itchy yarn that should only be worn in winter, namely in the shape of bulky sweaters. But actually, wool is a very versatile fiber, and it's used in more than just bulky garments.

There are many different kinds of wool that come from different animals, such as: Merino, Shetland, Mohair, Cashmere, Qiviut, Alpaca, Vicuña or Angora. Australia's most recognized export is definitely Merino Wool.

According to the Woolmark company: "Merino wool's versatility extends from luxury fashion to high-performance activewear, accessories, homewares and everything in between."

  • More than a pretty yarn: Wool is not only super soft and breathable, it's also odour resistant thanks to its high moisture absorption, which makes it really good for socks. It doesn't need to be washed or ironed as frequently as other fabrics which is just wonderful. Realistically, who likes ironing? Wool is also really good at reacting to changes in body temperature, which actually makes it great at keeping you cool during summer but warm during winter. 

  • Sustainability: Wool is renewable; sheep produce a new fleece every year and it is also biodegradable, it will be reabsorbed by the Earth in a few years, compared to synthetic fibers.  Wool is also reusable and is one of the most popular  fabric for recycling textiles, not only in fashion but also in mattresses and upholstery.

  • Super Strong: 
    Fire Resistant - Whilst cotton catches alight at 255°C, the temperature must reach 570-600°C before wool will ignite. Which is why a lot of carpets and furniture are made of wool.
    UV Resistant - Evolved over millions of years to protect sheep against the elements, Merino wool absorbs UV radiation providing protection from the sun. 

We personally love wool items because of its durability and reliability, we believe in buying high-quality pieces that we can keep for years and not seasons.

Additionally, the wool industry plays such an important part within the Australian economy; we are convinced that we can all do our bit by supporting local producers like Humphrey Law, who not only manufacture their products in Australia, but are also certified by Ethical Clothing Australia, so you can be sure every step in their supply chain respects the environment and people involved in it. Finally, we think natural is always better! Wool is 100% biodegradable, better for your skin and completely renewable.

As far as our sustainably sourced products go, we've ensured all wool items are extra soft, so you won't feel itchy, if you look after them properly they will last you for years to come. Why not pair our luxurious wool socks with a beautiful wool suit?


If you want to learn more about wool, we encourage you to visit the Woolmark Company's website, where you'll find very interactive content about this amazing fiber. They even have a free learning program if you want to become a wool expert.


The Woolmark Company, 2020, 

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