Sock Reviews: Tabio Super Ultra Fine Merino Wool Socks

Greetings everyone.
Today we'll be writing about Tabio's Super Premium Quality, Super S Merino Wool (Super Ultra Fine Wool) with Seamless Toe Linking.
Now that's a long name!
This high wool content pair of socks is one of Tabio's most emblematic models. It's part of their core collection and it comes in a wide array of colours.
Tabio take a lot of pride in the ultra fine quality of the wool used in these socks.
We got our first pair around 18 months ago, it's certainly aged well as you can see below, but we wanted to compare it to some newer socks.
Composition is: 86% wool (15.5μ micron), 13% nylon and 1% polyurethane.
Garment care label: hand-wash in cold water, no bleach, tumble dry, dry cleaning or ironing.
They are made in Japan

This is an example of new, nicely pressed socks: 

Material:  The wool is exceptionally soft (it gets even softer with time), the knitting is also very fine in quality and a luxurious lustre can be appreciated. It's neither too thick nor too thin, the rib provides very subtle compression and once they're on, they feel like a glove. There is no cushioning in the sole. The synthetic yarn ensures the sock will stay up. The thickness of the knitting provides the right amount of breathability for day to day activities such as work or walking, however, it isn't a sports sock.
Tabio Ultra Fine New Wool

Durability: We first bought the brown pair for ourselves in the second half of 2019, the shape is intact, they've become softer and present minimal pilling. However, there are a couple of spots at the front and sole that present wear in the wool knit, which could due to friction and pressure points coming from the shoes and the length of the wearer's nails. These were mainly worn with full leather boots, the heel is in perfect condition. The colour hasn't faded at all, there aren't any loose threads.
The charcoal pair has been worn by a team member for around 4 months, the shape is also intact, the colour is exactly the same as when we opened it and there aren't any loose threads either. This pair presents a considerable amount of pilling along the main foot part, nevertheless, the cuff is in excellent condition. These ones have been worn mainly with runners that have a synthetic lining, and have never been washed in a delicates bag. The friction with the shoes is what has caused the pilling, as opposed to the brown pair, no wear spots have formed yet. The wool has also softened up. 

These are the socks after being worn, 4 months (left), 18 months (right)
Tabio Ultra Fine Wool Used Socks
Versatility:  This is the perfect business sock, can also be worn to formal events or on a night out, the premium yarn gives it a more formal look. However, this is also a great sock for casual activities that don't require exercising. 
Its material makes it a very good and easy gift as it will complement most looks and it's great for day to day work.


The verdict: 

"It's the last piece of a fine suit" - Gelau Team Member

It's really all about the look and feel of the super fine wool, we think this sock ticks a lot of boxes as it reflects the expertise Japan and Australia have, each in their own niche; the superior Japanese craftsmanship is very obvious as soon as you see and hold it, and the use of Merino wool perfectly calls out Australian wool manufacturing. It's the best of both worlds.

Our oldest pair is proof that if you follow the instructions on the label and look after your socks, they will stand the test of time. However, it's also very important to pay attention to your shoes and grooming habits as there are several elements that will have an impact on the lifespan of your socks.

Wearing the wrong size of shoes, quality, embellishments, cushioning level, insoles and lining materials all play an important part not only on how the shoes interact with your socks but more importantly, on your feet's health. Even toenail length will have an impact on socks that are made out of fine yarns.

We are confident we can keep wearing our socks for a very long time and will definitely be expanding our personal collection.



We hope you enjoyed our review. Which socks would you wear on a daily basis? What kind of socks do you prefer?

Let us know if there are any socks you'd like to see featured here, you can drop us a line at


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