Sock Reviews: RoToTo Organic Cotton Daily 3 Pack

Hello all and welcome to our first sock review!

By now, you've probably figured out how much we love Japanese socks and that we find them to be quite special due to their excellent craftsmanship and high quality materials.

 Every now and then, we'll be reviewing different pairs of socks, these reviews will reflect our personal opinions on some of the products we sell and some others which we don't sell but may catch our eye. There are so many amazing socks out there and we would love to discover as many as we can. For now we'll focus on RoToTo, a brand we believe makes some of the best socks in the world.

Rototo Gelau Daily 3 Sock Pack


This first review is about RoToTo's Organic and Undyed Cotton tri pack. The pack includes three different pairs of crew socks: one low gauge ribbed sock, a sole pile sock, and the thick all pile sock.

Composition is: 83% cotton, 14% polyester and 3% polyurethane. It retails for $80.00 AUD and it's made in Japan using organic cotton harvested in Texas, USA.

 These are all three models side by side, they are all the same size:


organic cotton undyed socks
Material:  The undyed cotton is very soft to the touch. It has a subtle lustre and a nice, natural scent. We can easily observe the different styles of knitting close to the cuffs.
While we personally prefer 100% cotton socks, we appreciate the function that synthetic yarns have in keeping the socks up and helping them retain their shape. Organic cotton is less harmful for the environment compared to regular cotton, and it's also ultra soft.
All three kinds of socks are highly breathable despite having different textures. We'd say these are more casual and sporty looking socks, each pair has a nice weight to it.

Durability: We first bought this pack for ourselves in early 2020, it's been more than a year and our set is in amazing condition with minimal pilling and no loose threads at all. While we always recommend hand washing your Japanese socks, these bloggers are lazy and busy humans and have always put them into the washing machine, albeit inside a delicates laundry bag, always a cold wash with like colours and we never tumble dry them. Comparing our own set to the newest stock we can tell ours has retained its shape and elasticity perfectly, while the colour is slightly different due to the nature of organic cotton.

Versatility: We feel like each of these socks serves a different purpose and even a different time of the day, depending on the occasion and our mood. We think it's the perfect travel companion. Let's talk about each of the three styles in more detail.


rototo all pile socks fluffy


This sock is like having your feet in a perpetual embrace of softness, it fits snug around the calf. This pair offers good overall support, it feels super cozy thanks to the inner pile knit but it's not too thick. We personally think it's perfect for sleeping, a lazy day in or for wearing with boots.


rototo pile crew socks

This sock offers the most sole support thanks to its inner pile knit on the sole and heel, all while fitting softly, but securely around the calf. It feels like you're walking on clouds and it's perfect for cold mornings, long walks and long flights.


Rototo basic rib crew socks


An all time classic, this is the thinnest of the 3. It doesn't offer as much support but we'd say it's the best of the three at absorbing sweat. This pair is great for sports and work, perfect to be worn all day. The raw cotton provides a cool, old school look when paired with sneakers.


The verdict: All in all we believe this pack of RoToTo's offers the best value per pair compared to the brand's individual models. It's a great way to try different sock styles and experience the different knitting techniques of the brand.

We love the raw feeling of the undyed, organic cotton and how different each sock is, despite using the same yarn. While we can't choose a favorite within this pack, you can't go wrong with any of the 3 if you just want a relaxed look, the choice of which sock to wear is certainly a very personal one. 

We hope you enjoyed our review. Which socks would you wear on a daily basis? What kind of socks do you prefer?

Let us know if there are any socks you'd like to see featured here, you can drop us a line at

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