Zimmermann, Cultural Appropriation and Why it Matters to Us

Zimmerman and Cultural Appropriation... we had to voice our opinion on this since giving credit where is due and preserving our weaving heritage is such an important part of what we do.
Ask yourself "Who Made my Clothes?" because we are asking that question to our suppliers too.
We proudly sell products made my hand in Mexico by communities of artisans who are not only extraordinarily talented but who also care about preserving their weaving and embroidering traditions. Their knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation and dates back to pre-Hispanic times. The people involved in our supply chain receive fair wages and working conditions, in a country like Mexico, this is key in building a better future beyond the reach of the fashion industry.
Mexico is colour, joy, tradition, music, flavour, warmth but also courage and hard work. Mexicans will defend what they think is right with relentless passion.
Brands like Zimmerman think they can just steal a traditional design without any repercussions, they are wrong. If you liked the now infamous dress, Las Niñas Textiles  has the real deal and she actually cares about artisans in Oaxaca and has been doing this for over two decades.
There are other amazing Australian designers out there with incredible and original proposals. If you are into Australian sustainable fashion, Ethical Clothing Australia has a list of accredited brands that is worth checking out.
Our shopping choices and habits matter and as consumers we have incredible power, power to shape the future of the fashion industry and the people who work in it. We need to change our paradigms and stop expecting to pay low prices for endless amounts of clothes without that having an impact. The prices of our Mexican range are fair, they reflect the high quality of the materials and craftsmanship put into making them, every person along the supply chain gets fair and decent compensation.
Provenance and craftsmanship matter. 
The people who make our clothes matter.

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